Albert Södgård (born 1983) - is a professional storyteller in the medium of monochromic frames. In his debut as a photographic artist his work has already been noticed within the art community and has resulted in awards in biggest cities known for art and culture including London, Paris, Tokyo and New York.

His admiration for the beauty of oblivion and decaying places gives his works a very distinct, unmistakable style. He discovers beauty where there is none at first glance. The frames are remembered for a long time because this type of photography is rather rare.

According to Raivo Riima, head of Virumaa Exhibitions, Albert Södgård's photographs are characterized by two poles: dark and light, black and white. “He's more of a dark side artist. He uses the grotesque. This world is mysterious and cold, a bit depressing, desolate," Riim stated. "He's looking for the truth, isn't he? But where is the truth, no one knows."

Albert prefers not to give his artwork names as he wishes to leave this to the interpretation of the viewer.

His motto is: "Are you watching closely?"

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