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This story began in 2020. After many years of searching, I finally discovered what I would like to say through monochrome frames. And I found my own way, which I have been following and improving since then. From the very beginning, two fields interested me in particular: the female portrait and abandoned places.

Abandoned places

Imagine places you have heard or read about. In the past, places that were great, aroused respect and admiration. And for some reason fell into oblivion over time. Abandoned and more and more blurred with each passing year. The purpose of the photographs you will find here is to keep these places alive in our memory and to cultivate their greatness.

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There are several reasons why I use models in my projects. The places themselves, however endearing and delightful, will not convey any history associated with this place. Models with their emotions help viewers to build their own story read from each photo. And can we agree that no one is better at emotions than women? Each project has its muse, who is very aware of co-creating real art. A careful observer will notice the emotions hidden under the mask of calmness.

Photo art

I am glad that even in today's world of diverse art, my works fill the niches so appreciated by photography connoisseurs. The uniqueness of these projects and the fact that these places will no longer be there in a couple of years give the photographs a special value, which gains over time.

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