The play of light and shadows emphasizes the oval, saucer-like architecture. It was here in 1987 for the first time in Poland, a concert of the band Metallica took place.
In the center, under one of the world’s first tensegrity roofs, she stands. Full of grace, extraordinary beauty, which cannot be passed indifferently. She sweeps around the interior, exuding an aura around herself that can only be captured for a short time. Then it disappears forever.

spodek katowice, limited edition
10.000 sek
spodek katowice, photo art
10.000 sek
spodek katowice, fine art
10.000 sek
spodek katowice, black and white prints
10.000 sek

Limited edition – each signed photo is available only in 10 examples produced in Sweden on high quality  Hahnemühle Museum Etching 350 gsm paper, each of free size, but no bigger than 50x70cm.

A certificate of authenticity with number of your copy, signature and additional information is attached to the package. Always free shipping.


Copy   1 – 5 :   10.000sek

Copy   6 – 7 :   15.000sek

Copy   8 – 9 :   20.000sek

Copy   10 :   25.000sek

If you would like to order your chosen favourites please email details and address. Do not forget to add the number of chosen photo. 

I´m looking forward to hearing from you!

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